Field Inspection List of Companies Hiring Field Inspectors


Our field inspection list offers a great opportunity for those of us currently involved in real estate, loan origination and servicing, mobile notary or any other associated with the current real estate economy. There is drastic need for Field Service Inspectors all over our Country with The slow down of the real estate market and with foreclosures on the rise.

The field inspection list is great for Real Estate Agents, Mobile Notaries and Loan Officers that are looking for other streams of income in the current market. You won’t get rich quick with our field inspection list, but it can offer a stable stream of cash flow while you are waiting for your other deals to close. Best of all, it requires very little effort and usually a “no additional cost” investment.

Field Service Inspectors are used to provide on-site property inspection services for lenders, loan servicers and investors. There are many types of property inspections that are needed, most of which enable a mortgage servicer or insurance company to make decisions on their properties with the information received from an inspection.

Most of the basic information collected on an inspection would be occupancy status and damages.

As a Field Service Inspector, you fill out basic inspection reports, taking pictures of the property and uploading your report and photos to the hiring companies’ website. If you are a licensed Real Estate Agent, you will earn more for BPOs than an unlicensed person completing basic inspections and drive by inspections.

We have compiled a complete field inspection list of over 200 companies that hire independent Field Inspectors or BPO Agents and have included links to additional hosted lists. The field inspection list is easy to use and has links to all of the 200+ companies, making it very simple for you to identify and sign up as a vendor with companies that are in need of Your Services.

The field inspection list also includes links to field inspection groups and forums so you have a place to ask the experts and read reviews of companies that hire field inspectors. The field inspection list is helpful to inspectors anywhere in the country. Inspectors from California to Florida to New York are getting results with our list.

Sure, you could spend time researching Field Inspection Companies online and compile your own field inspection list, but most likely it would take you 30+ hours and you would probably not identify all of the companies we have included on our list.

Field Inspection List

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