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FROM: Josh Miller

Field Inspection Secrets
Creator of


You may be amazed to hear
there are over 180 million field inspections ordered
every single year?

know you are thinking, “How can there be that many inspections needed.” And
maybe you didn’t.

     Hi, My name is Josh but you can just call me "The Field Inspection Guy". I started my first field inspection business over 20 years ago in
Los Angeles, California. Over the years, I’ve operated, owned, bought and
sold several businesses. I’ve become the "top" in the industry, as a matter of fact, in the United States.

For the first time ever I’ve decided to share everything that I’ve
learned over the last 20 years in the field inspection business with

If you’re looking to start a business that is. The Inspection Business

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It is 100% Recession
It is fast to get started it only takes about 7 days
It is easy to finance on a shoestring budget
Is is simple requiring No Special Education or Experience
It is Always in demand
It is Very, Very profitable

However, even though the inspection business is clearly the right business…Is the field inspection business right for you?

     Consider these questions…Are you ready to finally:

bordercolor="#111111" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" width="66%"
width="20" border="0" /> Be Your Own
Boss ?
width="20" border="0" /> Enjoy Flexible hours to work when you want…where you want ?
width="20" border="0" /> Are you ready for the responsibility of handling a whole lot more money than ever before ?
width="20" border="0" /> Are you interested in having a small profitable business or grow to any level imaginable?
width="20" border="0" /> Are you smart enough to build a business that can be sold…because after all, you either Sell or you are the Buyer ?

FACT – "Some people have said about the Inspection Business
it’s…The Greatest Business in The

     Number one, field inspections are in big demand. There is real job
security. Like I said before, the field inspector business is great.

And it’s stable, with over 180 million inspections ordered every year just
in the United States you can imagine the stability in this business.

This isn’t a trendy new business – Field Inspections have been used for the past generations and will still be needed for future generations to come which means you will be able to bequeath and will your business to your descendents.

Works even when the economy sucks – Because people are even more cautious about the money they spend during economic bad times. More inspections are done on a larger percentage of all properties. Every time someone is likely to purchase a property, an inspection is ordered, which means another fee will be paid to a field inspector! This fee could be paid to you. As soon as you get started, you are building your recession proof business!

In this kind of economy that we’re in right now you just can’t
afford to be in anything else. And, while there may be these strong signs of recovery on the horizon, if you were starting a business today, wouldn’t you want a business that could survive a downturn like we recently experienced and some economist fear we may turn into…

The field inspection business is scale able- You can grow your business as large as you want or you can "Stay Small and Keep it All" and remain a single operator with
no employees. The single operator approach is most recommend way to start and is how I averaged $476 a day in this field inspection business when I began.

You can grow your business
as fast as you want-
If you want to grow your business
even bigger you can do it with employees, partnerships or even
subcontractors that perform daily tasks for you.

You can make a lot of money – While your probably not
going become a millionaire overnight. It’s not rare for field inspectors to make as much as $250,000 a
. So becoming a millionaire over the next 5 – 10 years is definitely possible.

You can get started
on a shoestring budget
This is one of the best
businesses in the world to be in because you can start at the
very bottom and work your way all the way to the top without any crazy wealth or family connections.

field inspection business is fast to start
. You can
usually start your own field inspection business in a few days.

Your Copy of "Field Inspector’s Secrets" Here

        It is very important that you start out with minimal start up
costs. The field inspector business can be started for less than $300. It’s so much easier and so much faster and will be shown to you throughout the training.

      The field inspection business lets you be your own boss. Unlike almost
every other business in the world, the field inspector business is completely

Now, just think of another business that has this flexibility. There
aren’t many. You get to be your own boss…You call the shots…and, You are in control of your
own future and your own destiny.

In the field inspection business you can set your own hours. If you want to
work mornings, afternoons, lunches, or just weekends, you can…You
make the decisions yourself.

"You Don’t Have To Quit Your Current Job"

     A lot of field inspectors only
work weekends,
some only Saturdays, start part time and keep
their own jobs. It’s really up to you.

There aren’t very many businesses that you can set your own hours in
but I’ll tell you, the field inspection business is one of them.

One of the most successful field inspectors I’ve ever met, only services apartment buildings. Imagine getting paid for each and every unit of a 50 or 100 unit apartment building. There are ways
to specialize in a particular type of property depending on
when you want to work and I’ll show you exactly

"This Business Is So Easy"

     The field inspection business is easy work. It’s not technical
and it’s not complicated and anybody can learn to do it in just a
matter of a few hours.

Once you’ve got everything ready in the morning it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to set up your day, then it’s a pretty relaxing job

Once your route is setup, the rest of the day you are collecting checks.

"Talk About A Low Stress

     The field inspection business isn’t emotionally or mentally
It’s a low stress business. I’ll tell you, everyday
when I would go to work in the field inspector
I never worry about corporate pressures, politics, if I was going to perform well
enough, if I was going to sell enough, if I could meet all the
demands of my boss. All that was gone.

    You don’t
have anybody breathing down your neck or anybody that you have to
listen to. There are no expectations you have to meet and it
couldn’t be anything that could be lower stress.

"You NEVER Have To Work With A

In the field inspection business you get to choose who you work
. Boy, this was a big one for me. I worked for awhile in a
job just before I started my first field inspection business where I
worked around people that I really didn’t like. And people that
really didn’t like me.
I had no choice. I had to have a job, I had a wife and
kids to feed.

    Then, I discovered the field inspection business. Now I make my own decisions and you
can too. Today I have a
serious NO

When you start your own field inspector business you’ll make more money, than you’re making right now and you get to choose who you
work with or nobody at all. If you just want to be a solo act that’s
okay. If you want to work with other people you can hand pick them.

"Field Inspections Can Be BIG Business"

Believe me, once people see you making a lot of money in the field inspection business, more and more people will come to help you. It’s one of the great things about the business. You
can choose who you want to work with. You’re in total and complete

Your Copy of "Field Inspector’s Secrets" Here

Plus, the field inspection business leads to bigger and better
things. The field inspection business has given me the privilege
to work with a lot of people in real estate businesses and other ventures.
You meet people everyday that you will use to network and joint venture
with depending on what kind of business they’re in.

size="4">"Everybody LOVES to barter"

I’ll show
you more than a dozen ways to make extra money with bartering your field inspection services…ways you would never think of from your field inspection business that you would never think of.

The barter business on the side pays for my fixed expenses…you know the 100% of my overhead. When I go out and perform regular inspections, everything that I’m doing is 100% profit. It’s one of the
big secrets that you need to learn in this business. Most
inspectors leave that money on the table

     I give them a free field inspection they bring me back
free stuff
. When the field inspection cost me 10 or 15 minutes of time it is really cool to get back valuable goods and services
for free. This is one of the perks of the business and I’ll show you
how it works in my bartering section.

size="4">"So Why Would I Share My Trade Secrets"

     I’ve seen a other people that are selling products on how to start your own field inspection business. So I decided before I put a product out I probably
should order some of them and see what they really had to say.

I reviewed 3 products:

     The First Lame
 was published by a guy who had obviously
never, ever owned a field inspection business in his life. He was just
an information publisher who came along and decided he was going to
try to turn a quick buck. As it turns out he actually was a car
dealer from some town down in Texas. I actually got a hold of him
and tried to talk to him but he hung up on me.

     The Second Lame Course that I got at least was
written by a guy who had been in the field inspector business but
didn’t know much about passing on information. Plus, it was very,
very basic, just the basics of how take pictures and the correct settings, and a few other tips. He was selling it for almost 100
bucks. I couldn’t believe he got that much out of just a few sheets
of paper.

     The Third Lame Course that I got was just a
bunch of filler and fluff about businesses and business plans, and
start up taxes, and how to name your business, and a bunch of crap
like that that I just call filler or fluff. I finally just threw it
in the trash can. It didn’t have anything to do with the field inspection business at all.

Well, after all that, I decided there was definitely room for a
quality product teaching people all the ins and outs of the field inspection business and that’s exactly what I’ve put together. Here’s just
a little of what’s covered in my course.

"So What Makes My Course So

     It’s BIG and complete… Field Inspector Cash Manual, My Personal Resource Guide (also on CD)
2 Audio CDS Plus
Tons of
FREE Bonuses

I’m going to tell you my entire story, all about my 20 plus
years in the hot field inspecton business stories and how I started off in Los Angeles, California. I’ll tell you what I do now and
how I work with banks and others to get their businesses started and
to really expand on once they are started

    Also how I leverage other individual to get their businesses started and
to really profit on this once you get started.

     I will share with you the secrets. It’s when I began to learn the secrets in the business and that’s
when everything began to explode, three, four, five hundred dollars,
up to a thousand dollars a day in some of my areas.

Grab Your Copy of "Field Inspector’s Secrets" Here

    A thousand bucks a day from field inspections! And the inspections did not cost anything…nobody else to pay…only my time.

explain to you in depth why I like the field inspection business so much.
First, it’s easy to understand, anybody knows how to take a picture.

"This is a high ROI business, in other words, your return on investment is just crazy, unlike the Stock Market…"

      I’ll even show you ways to
make money from your field inspection business on the days that you don’t want to
go to work. One of the other big reasons I love this business is
because the field inspection industry is so sell-able. 

      Once you’ve built your
business and are established to an area you can sell the business for usually 2x – 4x times earnings.

If your
business is making three, four, five or six hundred dollars a day you could get one hundred to two hundred thousand dollars. This might not be the smartest move, because your business will be making you passive income. At $476 a day you will be over fourteen
thousand dollars a month

You will learn how to make the money in this business and I will also share with you some of my best strategies to invest the money.

size="4">Please Don’t Be One Of These
size="4">"I’ll Do It My Self

know you might be thinking, “Boy, if this business is so simple why
do I need a big long course about it?” Why, Because this business is
competitive and there are a lot of mistakes that you can make in it.

biggest competitor is YOU. Making big mistakes. That’s the only way
you can really get in trouble in this business, just by doing
things that are incredibly stupid.

Some of your are going to think of them on your own, granted, and some of the
information that I give to you you’re going to go, “Duh?”

But some is going to be pretty cool to find out. Some of it will be things you would never think about. Some are going to be the
extra little pieces that make you an extra $20,000, $30,000, to
a year in this business.

love the field inspection business! It’s allowed me to have a profitable,
exciting career. I meet tons of terrific people and
there is a sense of pride in knowing that I’ve actually built a
business on my own.

     And I promise you, if you don’t have
it right now, the security of owning your own business, being able
to go out and make your own money without somebody standing over
your shoulder is one of the greatest things in the

"So Why Do I Care About You

Because I wouldn’t dare let a friend, a neighbor or a family member
try to start their own field inspector business without the information
inside this course.

The field inspection business has been an absolute blessing in my life
and to be honest with you I don’t know what I would be doing right
now if I hadn’t gotten started in the field inspector business.

     I didn’t have a formal education…I never went to college. I
didn’t even finish high school. And to think that I can make up to a
quarter of a million dollars a year performing field inspections is remarkable.

I’ve got lawyer friends of mine that make a $100,000 to $150,000
a year
and some a lot less than that. We go to these
big fancy parties with black ties. I drive a Ferrari when I’m not working. I live in a nice
neighborhood and everybody wonders really what I do.

When I tell them that I’m a field inspector they think
I’m lying to them. They probably think I’m some sort of crazed drug
dealer or a money launderer that does something else, but it’s just
not true.

Over the years I’ve become used to that. It’s sort of
nice to have big wads of cash sitting around that nobody has to know
about. So why am I selling this course, I guess you’re wondering
now, right?

Well, whether you decide to open a field inspection business or not, I hope that
you try my course because at least you’ll have the information to
make an informed decision.

can’t stand to see people get hoodwinked and ripped off
all these guys that don’t know anything at all about operating a field inspection business and never take pictures, other than with their family, trying to tell you how to
make a living.

     If you follow their instructions, I promise you, in a
lot of cases you’re going to go broke or you’re going to have some
major problems. I put out this product number one, so there would
be a high quality field inspection business model out there on the
market today.

For the people who are really serious in this business this is the
greatest course ever written about the field inspection business. As a
matter of fact I’m sure that I kind of went overboard. There is
really tons of information here, probably tons more than you’ll ever

Your Copy of "Field Inspector’s Secrets" Here

I’ll tell you you’ll never need anything else. This will give
you everything you’ll ever need to get started in this business and
make a living at it just like I have.

     I know that $476 a day to some of you may not be all the
money in the world. But I’ll tell you that it’s easy to expand the
business. And $476 a day is quite a bit of money if you make it
consistently every day working just a few hours a day without any

     You’ll free up your mind for other ideas and other things to
do and that’s when the big money really starts to come. As long as
you’re under the stress of a lousy job with a boss breathing down
your neck, you’re never going to be able to do anything else. You
know it so get off that horse and get started right

size="4">"OK, I’ll Guarantee Your Entire Purchase"

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"I take all the
risk for you
– It’s impossible for you
to make a

Just to take all the fear out of it for you, The course comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I really thought
hard about this. At first I didn’t think I should give you any
guarantee at all. It’s great information and if you don’t get up and take action then it’s your problem.

But I knew that some people would whine and complain and say, “It’s
not guaranteed. So what if it doesn’t work for me?”

Well, you know what? In rare cases it’s not going to work for
some people. Some people are lazy and they’re just not going to do
anything. But for the people who are willing to do something and
take my course I can guarantee their success or their money back.

     So here what we’re going to do. I’m going to guarantee
my course 100%. I’m going to give you a full year to return it
anytime you want for 100% refund. That’s a full year. Even if you
return it on the 365th day, I’ll give you a full refund
on the course.

size="3">      If you go through the
whole course and you decide you don’t want to get off your
and go do something you can still get your
money back.

     There are some people that are going to do that and frankly they are not hurting anyone but themselves…the joke’s on them. If they don’t want to go out and
make the kind of money they can make in the field inspection business, they
can stay in their dead end job.

     Most people are going to take this information, put it to
good use, and go out and make a nice living.

For every one that sends the product back and asks for a refund
because they’re too lazy to do something, there are 500
people out there that go out and make money with it are going to
make it well worth while. And I’ll look forward to calling each one
of you a friend.

size="4">"I’m Tired Of Giving This Stuff Away"

do have to make this important announcement. Very soon, the cost of
this course will be going up. I’m planning to raise the price to
. I’ve been selling the course now for $47 for the last year
and it’s sold hundreds and hundreds of copies of it. As a matter of
fact, I think too many copies are getting out into the market.

don’t want everybody to have these advantages. Then my techniques
will start being used against one another. So I decided to raise the
price to $297. I haven’t done it yet but I know that I’m going to do
it in the very near future.

Even if you wait to buy the course at $297 it’s still well worth the
money. But wouldn’t you rather get it right now while it’s 47 bucks?
If I were you that’s what I would do. But the decision is completely
up to you. You can buy now and beat the price increase.

With all the knowledge contained in this course you can start
your own field inspection business. You can start making
money your very first day, usually, and make back 100% of your
investment in less than 7 days.

size="4">Remember This Is "Paint By Numbers"

I’ll show you step by step everything you need to do to get your
business started including how to structure to protect you from unnecessary liability. I even show you how
to get your areas set up

This is the Only Real field inspection course in the
world. And if you don’t get it you’re just a sucker going into this
business on your own.

"You want to be in business for yourself, not
by yourself…

So here it is, the Most Complete Course ever created for The
Field Inspector Business – Everything I know is in Here"

Field Inspector Cash

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You will Receive…


The Field Inspector Cash Manual


My Personal Resource Guide listing all of my contacts from over 20 years


A Complete Package of Field Inspector Drafts and Legal Forms


42 Page Quick
Start Guide
to get you started immediately


Plus Tons of

     "It’s Everything I’ve learned
about Field Inspections – over 20 years"


     This is
the only course for the field inspection business in the
  I can’t imagine
anybody in their right mind making an investment in a field inspector business who is not willing to spend a couple
hundred dollars for twenty years worth of experience.

    As if
everything I am including isn’t enough…..

color="#cc0000" size="3">I Am Offering You 2 More Bonuses To Get You Off The Fence…Yours FREE!

border="0" width="170" height="147" />I know that you want to get started but you
might just need that extra push to get you off your duff
so I have put together 2 ethical bribes that are so good
you would have to feel stupid not to act now.

Bribe #1 A
digital copy of my FAVORITE
of all time "Think and Grow Rich" I
have just acquired the rights to this classic and it’s
my gift to you

border="0" width="130" height="197" />

Bribe #2 One
of the most important books I have Ever Read

"Discover How to
Efficiently Decode People’s Inner Feelings and Emotions
Through Their Body Movements, and How You Can Use This
Knowledge to Succeed in Your Career, Relationships, and
Personal Life!"

is important to know when sizing up customers or
negotiating for locations.

"Still Worried About $47 Gimme a Break!"

     So why am I charging $47 for this course? Well, I’ll tell
you. I thought about what to charge and I can charge just about
anything that I wanted. Most people think that $47, once they get
for the course, is way too cheap for it. And that’s why I’m planning
to raise the price pretty soon. I just haven’t gotten around to it

      The main reason I decided to
charge a for this course, is because I don’t
want my material to be wasted on a bunch of lookie Lou’s that are
just tire kickers, people that go around and buy cheap e-books on the
Internet and think about going into a business that they might think
about doing someday if they ever get around to it and get off their

     At 47 dollars, there are people who are willing to
take action. Winners. Real doers. These are the people that I
like to work with. Nothing I hate more than to listen to somebody
talking about wanting to be in the business and not willing to take
any action to be there.

People come up to me all the time and go, “Oh, I wish I had a big
house like yours,” or, “I wish I had a car like yours.” Well, you know what? All it takes is some elbow grease.

Everybody thinks you have to be really smart. It’s just not true.
You just have to get the information that you need to get started.
Find other smart people.

     One of my heroes in life, Henry Ford, said, “I can
answer any question in the world if you’ll give me 30 minutes.”
That’s because he had a golden Rolodex of experts that advised him.

Your Copy of "Field Inspector’s Secrets" Here

Most people don’t have any idea that Thomas Edison, the
inventor of the electric light bulb had no idea about science, none
at all. He had no training, no formal education in science, but he
had experts around him that knew everything there was to know about
chemistry and electricity and all of the other sciences that he used
to invent the incandescent light bulb.

This is the true demonstration that Napoleon Hill talked about in
his great book Think and Grow Rich. All you need is
desire coupled with specialized knowledge and an action plan to
achieve any level of success that you want.

Now, I have the specialized knowledge and I have the action plan. Do
you have the desire? If not, this isn’t for you. If you’re just
looking around reading on the Internet, dreaming about what life
might be if you had a business, don’t waste your money.

But if you really think you’re going to take action, if you’re
really going to do something, if you’re really going to make your
move, make your mark in life, then go ahead and order this
information right now. It will be the smartest investment you’ll
ever make.

This is your opportunity to shine. Are you going to actually do
something? Or are you just going to sit there and kick some more
tires? Come on. Get off your butt right now. Hit the button below
and let’s get started.

What are you going to do? Are you going to look, tire kick, or do?
It’s up to you.


Field Inspector Cash

"Field Inspector Cash – The Most Compete Field Inspector
Course In History"

cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10" width="85%" bgcolor="#ffffcc" border="0">

size="6">Claim Your Copy

value="ON" name="C1" />
YES!  Josh,
I want to learn the exact strategies and techniques to start
my profitable field inspection business.

  • I understand I will receive "Field Inspector Cash – How To Start a
    Profitable Field Inspection Business".

  • A Complete Package of Field Inspector Drafts and Legal Forms
  • My Personal Resource Guide listing all of my contacts from over 20 years
  • I will also receive "Unlimited Access" to the "Field Inspector Cash" resources page on the internet packed with links to
    everything I’ll need to get my business started and keep it


  • I also understand that the
    FREE bonuses that I receive are mine to keep even
    if I return the system for a full refund.

    Retail Price $297 SALE Only $47

P.S. A
wise man once said everything that we have in life is a direct
result of the choices that we make and don’t make.

     I think the choices that we don’t make are the ones that really matter. I
don’t think you ever hear anybody sitting in a nursing home at 80
years old talking about the mistakes of the things that they did do
in their life.

     It’s always
the regrets of the things
that they didn’tdo
that sadden them and depress them in
their old age.

     Are you
Are you going to regret later that you didn’t take
action? That you didn’t do something? That you didn’t take a chance?
That you didn’t roll the dice?

Make something happen for once in your life. Be proactive.
Be positive and take action. Grow a spine. Be a man. Do the right
thing. Come on. Let’s get started.

     Am I
pushing you? You bet.
I’m going to push you because I know this
hundred and ninety seven dollars won’t matter to you one way or the other. You’ll
spend that kind of money on something you don’t need, so it’s better to spend it on this, something that could change your life.

     What DOES
is that you go out and take action. That you do things
right in your life. That you make life interesting and exciting

P.P.S. One
of my favorite people in the world, Lee Iacocca, said the
number one thing that he looks for in a successful business person
is the ability to make a decision.

     Most people sit on the fence. You
know what? The fence pay is terrible. Nobody ever gets anywhere
sitting on the fence but I’ll bet that’s where you’re firmly planted
right now, isn’t it?

     Which way are
you going to go? Are you just going to sit there? Are you going to
tip back into mediocrity? Will you go back into work tomorrow and decide that
you’re going to dedicate yourself and do an even better job. You are actually just providing a reason whether they will fire you now or later?


     Are you
going to take action and be your own person
, to be your own boss
and to take charge of your life and your own business. I know what
I’d do. What about you?

Your Copy of The Field Inspector’s "Field Inspector Secrets" Here